Friday, December 26, 2008

What does $2,296.84 mean in your life?

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  1. Maybe 22 hours of law school classes. Not even two weeks.

  2. 4+ months of rent
    a fantastic european 2-week summer vacation
    a semester of school
    a new (to me) car
    my credit card debt
    more than a year's supply of health insurance
    how much money i should have saved up in the bank (i dont!)

  3. 3 months rent
    or 367.5 months of my monthly donation to NPR
    or 24 2/3 months of my health insurance co-pay
    or 7 3/5 months of my grocery budget

  4. a new furnace and 3/4s of my yearly sour patch kid budget.

  5. 3 months rent
    or paying off my student loan
    or 31 months of my insurance contribution

  6. 6 months of my food budget

  7. if $700 billion can be reduced to a number that makes sense in my life, it just reinforces that there are too many people in this pyramid

  8. money i don't have!

  9. Almost half a year in rent
    A trip to the arctic
    Fluency in a foreign language (i.e. 7.5 courses at the The Chapel Hill Institute of Cultural and Language Education)
    1540 sheets of large format film

  10. Comments written down at the opening on 1/16:
    Two month's mortage payments

    A new Macbook Pro!

    Two weeks salary on top of the 30% they already get.

    Comfortable excursion to Montreal or Chicago.

    Almost my entire debt owed to Bank of America.

    About 1/2 of that custom titanium road bike I want but won't get.

    Almost enough support for 5 Haitian children for a year of food, clothing and books.

    A 1/2 semester of community college.

    (arrow to previous Bank of America comment)- I am paying mine off now.

    Nothing compared to the big picture.

    A piece of sculpture I can't afford.

    Huge payment on college loans.

    Feed everyone at Urban Ministries for more than a week.

    1/10th of my mortgage.

    Pay down art making expenses.

    New Wii games! Whoa! Yeah!

    I could go camping with family for quite a long time!

    2 mortgage payments!

    More than my Honda Accord

    Down payment on a dream house/sculpture.

    Money I would rather have given to a production for peace.

    Food, power, water, phone, field trips for my children, life...

    Joanthan's Vespa!

    4 months of substance abuse counseling= 1 less addict

    Getting my house painted to keep up neighborhood morale, caring about your neighborhood builds a sense of community.

    Rent, food, insurance, gas, Sallie Mae and utilities.

    6 sets of Lenin's Collected Works.

    Two minutes rent of this gallery.



    Fascism hates trees

    Holden Nordickback drives a vehicle

    Half of a new roof for our house

    Pay for 4 white nights at Urban Ministries of Durham

    Down payment on a house

    6 months of car insurance


    Donate it back to the Government

    I would pay off my medical bills (I have no insurance)

    No child left behind. Please give me planning time so I can teach!

    I have insurance but could pay on some of those bills.

    College loans

    1 1/2 summers in El Giusano, Mexico

    Mortgage, bills, musical equipment, food, living!

    1/2 of my credit card debt

    I would donate it to charity

    College funds/ put it in da bank!

    A nice budget for a 20-minute short film.

    I would pay personal debts, student loans, etc.

    Loans, surgery- or vacations and escape?

    down payment on a tractor

    Chance to pay off approximately 1/6 of my credit card debt

    A new banjo ukulele plus $1900 for my loans

    NOT MUCH! / a very lot

  11. 2,296.84 at the current federal minimum wage ($6.55) = 351 working hours (almost nine forty hour weeks)
    John Thain, of Merrill Lynch, earned 83 million in 2007. 60 hour work week would equal 28,819 an hour, which would mean 2,296.84 = 55 seconds of working time.
    Just in the time it took me to figure this math out, Thain probably just made more money than I will this month and next. (at forty bucks a second it couldn't be that hard)

    83 million/(60hoursx4weeksx12months)=28,819
    sourced from-(

  12. remember how great Tracy Chapman was

  13. A MUSIC HALL - MMF-9.1 TURNTABLE w - Carbon Fiber Tonearm & Goldring Eroica LX that I will never have.

  14. Comments written down at Golden Belt from January 15 through February 5, 2009

    1/8 of what I make a year!

    1/12 of a year's take home salary

    This would amount to about 30% of what I made as an artist last year.

    Not scraping change together to buy cocktails after this show.

    I'd have more to give to the Scrap Exchange, ECWA, Planned Parenthood, ENC …

    1 year of medical insurance and extra

    6 months of rent

    A year of psychotherapy

    Man- that's a lot of microbrews L

    OMG. Give me the $s and I'll buy a flat screen TV and other stuff to jumpstart the economy.

    I'll rent a place here which is a really awesome place to live!

    How about health care, social security?


    When we were foreclosed on, this amount would have kept my family off the street.

    A year of groceries.

    Down payment on a car or college $

    College money


    This is more than I bring home each month. I'm rarely able to save money after paying rent and bills. I could use $2296.84 to pay down my debt (some of it anyway).

    A woman once said to me, "If you make a dime you can't afford to give a dime away." 30 seconds later she asked me for a quarter.

    Sixty-five times as much money as I have right now.

    In fact, the sum is much more, considering the amount of reckless money creation the

    Fed is currently involved in.

    Amount I owe on a credit card.

    One more year of graduate school.

  15. Comments written down at Golden Belt from January 16 to February 20, 2009

    Car payments, insurance, mortgage

    Who gives a shit? What difference does it make? I give a shit! This is lubricious! Me too, a-hole.


    Almost all of my property tax.

    Hmmm… $2300 would “print-near” buy me a car. Maybe if I “give” my personal percentage of the bailout to the auto industry…they would “give” me a car? Nothin’ fancy. Beggars can’t be choosers.

    Two weeks coke.

    ½ of my current car.

    More than a month’s salary- non-profit social worker.

    ¼ of a funeral.

    ¼ of school that won’t even matter in the end.

    2 maple trees that I want to have planted in my front yard to someday cool the house, take in CO2, put out O2, beautify the street.

    6 months’ health insurance,

    1 % of a college education.

    2 months’ pay- part time educator.

    A scooter…to save on gas.

    1/8 of my grad school loans.

    3 months of childcare for my 4 year old.

    One month mortgage, child care, car payment, groceries and health insurance.

    The first down payment of my first car so I can get better work (I’m 24).

    Next month’s rent and paying off my credit card debt.

    2/3 of my health insurance deductible.

    $2,296.84 is almost exactly the pay cut I will take next year. It’s 14% of my current income.

    That’s more than my work-study.

    My car insurance!

    1 month’s salary.

  16. Comments written down at Golden Belt February 20 through March 7
    (with the option to circle $2,296.84 or $4,870.10)

    $4,870.10- 1 full year of health insurance and 2 months rent

    What's life worth in comparison to a stronger America?

    $4,870.10- Just about a whole year of rent on my house.

    $4,870.10- A freakin incredible vacation.

    $2,296.84- A semester of school.

    $4,870.10- 18 week programming series at Elsewhere

    $2,296.84- back pay

    $4,870.10- peace of mind

    $2,296.84- real estate taxes

    $4,870.10- a years health insurance

    (no amount circled)- opportunity to donate

    (no amount circled)- disaster

  17. Comments written down at Golden Belt March 7-15
    (with the option to circle $2,296.84 or $4,870.10)

    $4,870.10- a large portion of a down payment on a house.

    -medical insurance some can't afford

    $4,870.10- money for college

    $4,870.10- About $400/mo. rent for a year


What does $2,296.84 mean in your life?